Introduction to Origamic Architecture

Origamic Architecture Introduction

A few years ago, while searching for information on origami, I ran across 
the Origami Resource Center site which offered loads of information on
 various forms of paper craft.   The Origami Resource Center introduced
 me to techniques for pop-up cards and books  and Origamic Architecture (OA.)  
I was instantly hooked. ( I recommend a visit to this great website. Be prepared
 to spend a little time there and take advantage of the information,  free downloads
 and links you find there.)

I learned that Origamic architecture is a newer form of pop-up paper craft created 
and developed by the late Professor Masahiro Chatani in the early 1980's.  
 If you have not yet seen OA artwork, please visit the following websites to view
 some great examples of it on the internet :
After gathering lots of legally free patterns/templates from various sites, I bought a
 craft knife, ruler, a small cutting mat and some card stock and began my journey 
into the wonderful world of pop-up cards and origamic architecture. Below are 
some examples of my early works using the patterns of others. 

Pattern © 2005- Horsey. All Rights Reserved.
Model and Photo ©2012, Jean Bullock

Pattern ©Wilhelm  (?)
Model and Photo©2012 Jean Bullock
MUROTO-ZAKI Lighthouse Pattern©2010, Sako K. 
 Model and Photo©2012, Jean Bullock

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