Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thanksgiving Turkey Pop Up Place Card

EZ3D Thanksgiving Turkey Pop Up Place Card

You have the choice of two different outer cards.  If you don't want text on the outer card, I have included a blank panel for you to decorate and cover the text.  I have included a blank name tag as well, in case you make a mistake writing the name in. The name goes in the upper blank label.  The card stands up by itself.  I have included two popular "Grace" prayers. If your guests are not familiar with them, they can read them right off their place cards.

This version has a wheat colored background color.  If you like typed names you can use a regular  label and just center it on the panel. You have a choice between a white background and a wheat colored one. The turkey graphic is courtesy of the Graphic Fairy http://graphicsfairy.blogspot.com  and the frame elements are from Dover Publications.

Guess what my New Year's resolution will be this year?  Yep, you got it.  To get holiday cards out a lot sooner.  But here it is and the template is so EASY you could get still quite a few done in under an hour.

Materials needed:  Template PDF, cardstock (65 lb is OK), craft knife, scissors, ruler, color printer.

The PDF has three pages:  Page one is the wheat colored template, page two is the white background, and page three is the instruction page.  If you have colored cardstock you would like to use, the white version should work, just be aware that the colors may turn out differently.

How to make the card.

 The diagram on the instruction page is pretty clear but I will give a quick overview here. You have only one ridge (mountain fold, the rest of the folds are all valley folds.  To score the ridge fold you can kiss cut on the dotted lines or you can use the indentation method and score on the front and turn it over and score again on the embossed line. 

Once you have cut out the card, there are only two vertical cuts, and of course you will need to cut the turkey tail feathers free. If you are uncomfortable with using craft knives, you could start the cut with the knife and finish it with the scissors.  

To pop up the card, push the turkey tail forward, then put your fingers under the white box and pinch the ridge fold forward.  Pinch the valley folds in the middle of the card and then gently close the card and crease.  Fold the outer card in half and then use a tape runner to adhere the inner card to the outer card.  

And that's all there is to it.  Enjoy!   The next projects will center around Christmas cards.  Hopefully the first will be up the Monday after Thanksgiving.  

Happy Thanksgiving!

Grandma Jean

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