Friday, March 27, 2015

Fiskafriend Blog Hop Starts at 6PM PDT

Friday, March 6, 2015

History: In 2006, Fiskars created - which consisted of a blog,

 forums and gallery.  As people joined the community, they were consecutively

 assigned identifying numbers, added to their online user names. A vibrant, 

close-knit creative community evolved from this event.  Membership was

 required to view the gallery and forums and participate in the Fiskateer events. 

In December of 2013, Fiskars closed the forums and gallery.

Who We Are: Over 140 numbered Fiskateers wanted to maintain the 

community they cherished, and so the Fiskafriends Facebook group was 

created.  For privacy reasons, the group FB status is secret, however any

 numbered Fiskateer is welcome to join the group. 

Blog Hop – Coming Soon!  

March 27th-29th, we are celebrating our First Anniversary with a

 Fiskafriends Blog Hop.  You do not have to be a Fiskafriend to visit and

 comment on our bloggers' posts. This hop is open to everyone! International

 visitors included! The theme of the hop is Anything Goes, so be prepared to

 find a variety of creative projects and ideas. 

Giveaway prizes?  Of course! Everyone loves a giveaway! We will have an 

end of the hop giveaway with fabulous prizes. In addition to the end of the

 hop giveaway, some of our bloggers are offering giveaway prizes of thei

r own on their posts. 

March 23rd–26th, We will post previews of the prizes offered by our

 wonderful sponsors.  Please check back often. You will be delighted!

The blog hop blogger list and giveaway details will be revealed on
 March 27, 2015 by 6PM PDT. 

Update: Click here to go to our first sponsor gift preview. 
             Click here to go to our second sponsor gift preview.
             Click here to go to our third sponsor gift preview.
              Click here to go to our Fiskafriends blog.

of the bloggers posts 
may not be visible until

 March 27th, 6PM PDT. Please come back 

and visit at that time.  Thanks.


  1. Thanks, Jean! Love pop up cards and you're so talented! I'm also digging all your cannister die projects.

  2. Love 3D though not mastered the art of pop up cards at all.


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