Monday, April 9, 2012

EZ3D OA Pop Up Grid

EZ3D OA Pop Up Grid

Materials needed:  Grid Template, pencil, scissors.

This isn't a lesson really.  More of a challenge.  Try designing your own OA Pop Up.  Try using shapes, angles, anything you want.  Fold the page in half and then draw the shapes you want to popup.  If you want a shape to pop up, remember to start your cuts from the folded edge and leave a spot at the top of the shape where it can be folded up.  Just look at the previous templates to get an idea. The more you experiment, the better you will become.  You can use graph paper to help you or download the grid template.  Have fun!

EZ3D OA PopUps Lesson 11 Circle and Line

EZ3D PopUps OA Lesson 11 Circle and Line

Materials needed: Template and scissors.  (PDF file recommended.)

Time for more fun.  This time we are going to try something different.  The end product will be 3 circles with lines in the center that pop beyond the circles.  This template works with standard copy paper but if you can use 24 or 28 lb paper, that would be even better. Even though this is a new concept, the same procedure is used.  The instructions are on the template.

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