Saturday, March 31, 2012

EZ3D Pop Ups Lesson 5 Triangles

EZ3D Pop Ups Lesson 5 Triangles

Welcome to EZ3D Pop Ups  Origamic Architecture Lesson 5
Materials needed:  template and scissors

This time we are going to cut flaps that are triangular in shape.  We will have to cut on an angle but all the folding will be horizontal.  In both OA and regular pop-ups, as long as the connecting areas are folded horizontally, most shapes can be cut. (There does come a time when you can no longer use scissors and will have to use a craft knife. But not yet.)  The instructions are on the PDF.  Make sure you don't fold the narrow strips.  Have triangular fun!

See you next time!

Grandma Jean

EZ3D Pop Ups Lesson 4

EZ3D Pop Ups Lesson 4  (5 Boxes Up and Down)

Welcome to Lesson 4!  

I hope you have already downloaded and practiced the previous templates.The instructions for this lesson are basically the same as the others and are found on the template itself.

Cut as straight as you can and make sure you end the cuts at the right spot.  When you are folding a flap that has one side longer than the other, make sure the fold is horizontal with the short end.  Happy Cutting!  Another template is on its way.

Materials needed:  Template and scissors.