Sunday, July 22, 2012

Tool Bench Card  EZ3D PopUps  Level 2    Lesson 2

Materials needed: Template, cardstock, craft knife, ruler, pencil, printer.

If you have practiced the second generation cutting in the previously posted template, you should be able to make this card easily.  The directions are included with the PDF template.  You only have to make 4 vertical cuts with the craft knife.  You will see that I don't have a lot of dotted folding lines on the final card template.  I don't like to see those on finished cards, so I set up the template so you can fold and cut without them.

Just follow the guides on the direction page of the template and you will do fine.  You will need to kiss cut the mountain (ridge) folds.  That means you cut with little or no pressure so only the top layer of card stock is cut and allows the paper to bend forward into a mountain fold.

This would make a great card for Father's Day or for a birthday for anyone who loves working with tools.  If you need me to make a tutorial on how to fold this card, please let me know in the comment section. Have fun!

Click here for the PDF template.

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