Sunday, May 27, 2012

EZ3D PopUps 3 Sided Corner Card

EZ3D PopUps 3 Sided Corner Card

Materials needed: square paper, template, glue.

This tutorial is for those who would like to make a card similar to the Mother's Day 3 sided corner card posted earlier.  This diagram is basically the same except you can decorate it as you choose.  With this diagram, you use heavy paper and fold to make the creases rather than using a scoring tool.  If you glue  the card properly, it will create a pocket in which you can insert a gift card or similar sized object.

EZ3D 3 Sided Corner Card Diagram            EZ3D 3 Sided Corner Card Instructions

You can also just view the videos without printing the diagram, which is helpful if you want to use patterned paper squares.  I have separated the process into folding and gluing.  If you find this video helpful, I hope you will leave a comment and click on the Facebook button and/or the Twitter button.

How to fold the card.

How to glue the card.