Saturday, June 23, 2012

EZ3DPopUps New Origami Shirt Fish Designs

EZ3DPopUps New Origami Shirt Fish Designs

Well here are the prototypes.  My son Marcus is a wonderful artist and an avid fisherman.  I used one of his early fish pictures to create the fish print for this shirt.  Just when I thought I was done, he suggested I add a fishing vest to the piece.  Well .... OK.  So I scoured the net to see what the things really looked like in order to create one. Then I thought I was done.  He said: " Now it needs some lures."  Sigh.  So I created the lures and then created a little pocket for snips.  Then I decided to add a zipper to the shirt.  Hours and hours of template tweaking followed because I want this to be a no-fail template.

Soooooooo ... then I thought I was done but the collar of the shirt bugged me.  No matter what template you use, when you fold over the collar, the top is always a little shorter, especially if you use normal 20 lb copy paper as this model requires.  This bugs me.
So I played with it and finally found a solution which will be explained in the practice model template that comes with the PDF package.

So with these models, we have an origami shirt that will fit into a folded piece of standard card stock or can serve as a card by itself.  The origami shirts are designed to snugly hold a plastic gift card, money or similar items.  

The templates should be up by noon on Sunday, June 24, 2012.  Come back and visit the blog for further instructions on how to obtain the free templates.  See you tomorrow!