Monday, March 26, 2012

EZ3D Popups Lesson 3

EZ3D Popups  Lesson 3:  Origamic Architecture, Multiple Boxes Graduated Size

Materials needed:  template and scissors                                                                             
Here is our 3rd EZ lesson.  We will be doing the same thing we did in the second lesson, but this time we will cut four boxes of graduated size.

The pattern template will help you create a basic OA and also a basic pop up.  For your personal use, you are welcome to download the template pdf and print it.  For best results, use the pdf file and do not resize it.  If you choose the jpg, you may need to resize and center it on the printing page. Have fun!

  • Download and print the template and follow the instructions in the text box. 
  • Remember to crease the flap on BOTH sides.
  • Press down firmly on a hard surface when creasing the folds.  
  • Final creases should be crisp.Practice on computer paper first.  

Cardstock is too expensive to waste. 
When you progress to plain card stock, you will have no problem printing out the template if you have an inkjet or printer.  Some laser printers may not print well on card stock. In that case, print out a paper template and fold it, fold the card stock and then attach the folded template to it. Then cut and fold.