Saturday, July 7, 2012

EZ3D PopUps  OA Lesson 14 Double Steps Forward

Materials needed:  Template, printer paper, scissors, pencil (optional)

Click here for the template.

If you have never done a project like this, please download and complete Lesson 1 , and also watch the short video - How to unfold and pop up the pattern.     Then download  Lesson 13 Steps Forward and complete that.  Lesson 14 uses the same procedure with the exception of adding another pair of steps to the main structure.  This kind of OA is sometimes called fractal cutting.  The procedure is fairly simple -  you start with a primary shape, (first generation) then cut into the valley fold of the shape to create the next one (second generation) and then cut into the valley fold of the second to create a third generation.

Some tips for you:  A pencil or similar object can be used to help pop up the smaller flap.  When cutting on the black lines, cut a teeny bit past the end to help your flap fold properly on the dotted lines. Be careful to hold the second and third generations by the fold when you cut and also make sure that only the flap is being creased.   It's sounds difficult and confusing to talk about this but once you do it, you will understand.  If you need me to make a video of this, just drop a line in the comment form.  Have fun - another project is coming soon.

The procedure is the same as Lesson 13 with the exception of
adding another pair of steps to the center shape.
The project can be enjoyed vertically as well as horizontally.

As the flaps get smaller, it is helpful to use something thin like a pencil to help pop them out. 

This is how the project looks from behind.

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