Saturday, June 16, 2012

EZ3DPopUps Father's Day Card, Gift Card Holder

EZ3DPopUps Father's Day Card, Gift Card Holder

This is a cute way to give a gift card to your father or hubby.  I found the instructions for folding the card at the Origami Resource Center website .  Go to the website for the tutorial.   Even my third graders were able to make the shirts - only a few needed extra help.  The shirt project was a success. We created the shirts out of colored copy paper and glued them into folded legal size card stock. I figured out a way to turn the shirts into gift card holders and attached a tie that when tugged on, opens the shirt to reveal a gift card hidden inside.

EZ3D PopUps Plaid Shirt Template

©2012, Jean Bullock

I decided to create a template for the shirt that would allow it to fit inside a folded 8.5 x11 sheet of card stock.  What a lot of work that turned out to be. (That's why this post is late.) Anyway, for your crafting pleasure, we now have a blue and black print shirt that can be used either by itself as a gift card holder or inserted into a card AND also hold a gift card.  Money fits too, lol. 

The template has 3 pages. One for the tie and optional insert, a practice template with all the instructions  numbered and printed on the shirt, and a template for the final version.  Follow the instructions on the practice template.  If a text box appears upside down, don't be alarmed. You need to turn the paper for that particular move.  I am going to post this now so you can download the PDF and get started.  Ready?  Set?  Go!

More instructions. You will find references to a ridge (or mountain) fold.  That just means the folded part sticks up like a little mountain. If you flip the paper over it becomes a valley fold.

Follow the numbers in order on the practice sheet.  1.  Cut out the template by cutting on the black lines. 2. Ridge-fold on the middle line. 3. Ridge-fold on the #3 lines, then turn the paper over and fold the #3 panels to the middle. 4. Fold the red-line edge of the paper to the blue line. Do it on both sides.  5. Using the line, fold the top backwards. 6. Match the tip of the corners to the arrowhead tips. 7. Turn the paper over and do a soft valley fold on the line. 8. Slide the edge of the paper under the collar.

9. After you have completed the shirt, cut out the tie of your choice (there are even some blank ones you can decorate yourself) put adhesive on the back from the knot to the first D in Dad, and stick it on the shirt. Don't any glue on the edges and the tie should go under the collar not over it. Also, I like to use card stock for the tie template page, it's a little sturdier but plain copy paper works fine.

Optional:  If you would like to write a message on the inside, cut out the house shape that is on the tie template page, write your message and glue it on about 1 square from the bottom.

If you want to include a gift card or money, slide the card or money through the bottom end, and tuck the edge back under the collar.  Even if you turn it upside down, it won't fall out. Tell dad, to pull on the tie and the shirt will open.  You can also stick the card on a folded piece of card stock.  DO NOT GLUE DOWN THE SLEEVES if you want the card to open.

Here is an example of the shirt on a card:

The shirt can be glued inside a card. Don't put glue on the sleeves if you want the card to open.

Tug on the tie to open the shirt and reveal what is inside.

You can glue the house-like shape to the card and write a message  and a gift card or money can be slipped into the bottom edge.  Then refold and tuck the edge under the collar.