Tuesday, June 26, 2012

EZ3D Origami Fishing Shirt Template Links

EZ3D Origami Fishing Shirt Template Links

Well, finally!  I triple-checked the templates, and then printed out the PDF's to check them and now they are good to go.  I have a ton of these little shirts all over the place.  My desk looks like a Sporting Goods Store!

The PDF's include a practice template with all the steps on it and the pattern.  Make sure you print the PDF as is because these templates need the top white border (which usually isn't important) to form the new improved collar folds.

The directions will tell you to make most of the folds before cutting away the border. Why?  Few people can cut perfectly down the middle of a straight line.  Keeping the border intact until the folds are created allows us to line the fold up exactly.  An uneven cut can create difficulties.

To get an accurate crease on the lines, I make a soft fold first (no creasing yet) holding the mark between my thumb and fingers to center the mark. Once I have that, I make sure the edges of the paper are lined up exactly, then soft fold again. Then I double check the edges again, hold the soft fold down with one hand and make the final creases with the other.

I hope you enjoy these templates.  Please feel free to use these and all the templates on this site for your personal, non-commercial use only and do not distribute them in any way or make copies to give others.  Instead, please refer others to my blog to get their own copies.  If you are a teacher or a non-profit youth group leader, please contact me for permission to use them for free in your non-commercial classes.

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Thanks so much and have fun with these templates.