Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Pumpkin House Embellishments

EZ3DPopUps Halloween Pumpkin House Embellishments

Whoops, forgot to include the embellishment for the front of the Pumpkin House card.

The front of the card can be decorated in many ways.  Stamping, patterned papers, Washi tape, ribbon, fabric, layered colored cardstock etc. are all great ways to finish this card.  For those who do not have access to these items, I have included two images that are suitable for the front of the card. The graphics  I used came from The Graphics Fairy website.  Do visit her site and enjoy the huge selection of free graphics she offers there.

If you have used a corner punch on the other card parts, it's a good idea to continue with the top print embellishment.  (I used the Fiskars' medium Decorative Corner Lever shown in the first post of this series.) If you chose to use a corner punch, make sure you cut away the thin border line as you cut out the image. If you are not using the punch, you may choose to leave the border line intact.
I chose this variation because the color theme is more closely connected to the inside card colors.
The green color is prettier "in person" but because of the reason I mentioned above, I chose the other card for the front.  I included this variation just in case you would like a choice of front pieces.
The second page of the PDF template has "sidewalk strips" that can be glued over the existing sidewalk on the inner card.  One will permit you to write your own message, and two other strips have text suitable for a party invitation. 

Good luck!  To finish the card, go to the next post.   Have fun and do let me know if you have any questions or suggestions!

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