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Sofa PopUp Card EZ3D PopUps

Sofa PopUp Card EZ3D PopUps

©2012, Jean Bullock All rights reserved.

Materials needed: template, printer, 2 sheets of card stock, ruler, craft knife, pencil, and adhesive.

Here is our new lesson, the easy version of a pop up sofa card, complete with a folded patchwork throw and matching pillows. Well ... with all that and the paintings on the wall and the carpet, it's more like a living room card. My son thought the quilt was crooked but I made it that way intentionally. I was trying to make it look like it was folded in half.  Oh well ...

The Sofa base is the first generation cut. The arm rests and pillows are second generation cuts. For those of you who have not studied the previous lessons, a first generation cut is made directly into the cardstock.  A second generation is created by cutting into the fold of a first generation cut. A third generation is cut into the second and so forth. 

Sofa Pop Up Card front view. Lots of room for embellishments.
Plenty of room to glue on a gift card envelope or add sentiment.
Photo and pattern ©2012, Jean Bullock

You can see the depth of the couch from this view.
Photo and pattern ©2012, Jean Bullock
The PDF file will have a diagram with instructions as well as the final card pattern.  On the final pattern, cut away the white border, then score the valley fold line and kiss cut* the mountain (ridge) fold lines fir, then make your vertical cuts.  There are 6 of them.  Once that is done, begin the folding process.

The folding is often the most difficult part of Origamic Architecture. It's difficult to describe with words, so take your time and think it through and if you find a better way to make it work, go for it and let us in on your secret.  Just remember that the valley creases must recede and the mountain folds come forward.

As you manipulate the card, be careful that you crease only the scored lines where they are marked.  An unintentional crease can compromise the stability of the card.

You will notice that I did not put lines on some areas that will need cutting. Just follow the diagram and you will see where to cut.  The white lines have no significance except that the bottom white line just looks better when you are done and the top two white lines are to enable you to see them more clearly against the darker quilt background.

There are NO horizontal cuts. Only vertical.  The extra lines on the sofa are just for design – don't cut them.  It looks harder than it is and the directions sound harder than they are.  It may take you a couple of tries, but keep at it and you will succeed.

Have fun!

Grandma Jean

* A kiss cut is made by dragging the tip of the craft knife with little or no pressure so only the top layers of the card are cut. The layers separate and allow the card to come forward in a mountain (ridge) fold.

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  1. I love you artsworks! So adorable and smart design!!

    xx Tessa

  2. How adorable! Love what you have done here, Jean - you are so wonderfully talented! xo

  3. WOW!! This is beyond gorgeous. Love the simple scene you have created here.


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