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EZ3D PopUps Level 2 Lesson 1 Vertical boxes

EZ3D PopUps Level 2  Lesson 1 Vertical Boxes

Please read the previous post regarding Level 2 materials and techniques.  

Materials needed: Template, printer paper, craft knife, ruler and scoring tool.

Vertical box. Practice this first.
After practicing the first box, you will add a second
generation cut to create two box shapes.
Let's get started.  Click HERE to download the PDF template.  You will get two pages. One is the first generation cut with the directions on it.  Do that one first.  Cut the border away from the template and then score and cut according to the directions.

Slip your hand into the slot and bend
forward on the valley fold.

Slip your fingers behind the slots and bend the valley fold forward and crease. Also pinch forward the valley fold lines to the right and left of the slot.  Make sure the paper is creased only on the dotted lines.

Turn the paper upside down and repeat the procedure.

Keeping your hands within the slots, pinch the mountain (ridge) fold forward.  Make sure the paper is only bent on the lines.

Making sure that all the creases are folding in the right direction, fold the template flat,  firmly crease the folds and then pop up the paper.

The next diagram includes a second generation cut (which means you cut into a fold created by the first generation cut.)

Cut the border away from the template, score all the lines and then cut them.  Starting with the largest box first, follow the same procedure you used in the first template.  Then apply the procedure to the shorter box. Carefully close the card so that all the folds are going the right way, crease and then pop up the card.

Our next project will be creating a fun pop up card using what we learned today.  

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