Sunday, April 8, 2012

EZ3D OA PopUps Lesson 10 Shapes

EZ3D OA PopUps Lesson 10 Shapes

Materials needed:  Template and scissors  (I recommend the PDF template because of its smaller file size.)

Hello, Everybody!  Something different this time.  Although we have done some angled cutting, we will now try some simple shapes. This practice will come in handy when learning to design your own OA patterns.  The directions are on the template. Remember to cut carefully and crease all the folds firmly.
Have fun with this – another one is on its way!  


  1. Lovin' it! Hope I can keep up!
    Suzi #5563

  2. Some more are coming, Suzi! Thanks for visiting and downloading.

    1. I'm trying to download the lessons, my dad says it might take awhile

  3. OK, Anonymous! I hope it doesn't take too long. Let me know how it turns out!


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